i agree with the guy who said no
do it
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Eh...just get another picture.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but it seems sorta...sketchy.
do it pussy.

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My friend did it... I don't know why.
To my knowledge, he has not been raped yet.
Seeing as everybody's passport/driving licence photos always make them look strange, it's a bad idea
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Everybody likes drivers license pictures. It makes people look like a bunny staring into the headlights of a speeding car.
1. Get camera, phone, or firends camera
2. Get in a stereotypical pose
3. Ask friend to shoot photo or do it yourself
4. Review photo
5. Plug SD card into computer
6. Wait for upload
7. Go to Facebook
8. Upload photo
9. ??????????
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youre right. i just checked the dvd i have agian and it is in D standard. i dont think Metallica has ever done a song in drop D, or drop C for that matter.

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Why would you even want to do that? Just take a picture if you want to be seen that badly, fool.
well, thanks to all the privacy that facebook offers, you can select who sees what so you wouldnt even need to black out addresses and whatnot.

Seems mildly pointless though
I don't see what the big deal is. Maybe just blur the address and stuff, so it be less conspicuous than a big black bar.
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Ummm, petrol? Nip down to your local petrol station, buy a litre of the stuff and soak your balls in it, light them up and start playing with them.
long as you blank your personal details who cares? but I don't see why on earth you'd want to do it though..
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You should be using UG classic.

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i say do it but keep all of your personal info on there.
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My friend did it... I don't know why.
To my knowledge, he has not been raped yet.

Ile be changing that all shortly.

To you TS, no there is nothing wrong with it, as far as I know.
surely you have better pictures TS?