I'm restringing my ESP LTD MH-50 with Elixir Nanoweb Light guitar strings. I restrung every string so far except the low-E string.

I can't seem to get the string to stay in the saddle. Last time I restrung my guitar, I had it professionally done. When I removed the string I noticed the guy seemed to have literally squished the string against the saddle block, so much so that when I took the string out, the saddle block stuck to it.

How the hell do I get the damn string to stay in the saddle?
Put the saddle block back in after removing it from the waste string, clamp it down to the new string after cutting ball end.

Pics would be more useful if this doesnt solve problem
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This is the problem I'm having, basically the same problem I had when I originally attempted to restring my guitar (The reason I had it professionally done):

I clip the ball end off the string, insert it into the saddle, tighten the saddle block (At this point the saddle block often started the rise up out of the saddle), it seems like it's locked in pretty tight. I put the other end through the tuning peg and tighten it, when it's almost up to tune, usually about a step below it would pop out of the saddle.

I can't really tighten the saddle block too much more, and I'm afraid of breaking my bridge by over tightening it.
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Sounds like your saddle block is broken. Got pictures?
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