I have a Squier Strat which I got over a year back. Now, recently I've noticed there is something wrong with my tremolo. It's risen up from the guitar body a lot more than it usually has. About a half inch, I guess. Usually it's been less than that. It's also pretty uneven. One side of it is higher than the other. I don't think the strings are a problem because I've used the same kind of strings for every time I've changed strings and the tremolo hasn't been like that.

I have pictures of it to give you a better idea.

That is the tremolo from the body. Really high, no? You can also tell it's pretty uneven.

There's another view of it.

There's my spring setup. Should I change it around to fix it?

This is from the back of my guitar where the springs are. As you can see, there's a little bit of daylight coming through. That's how big the gap is. I can fit a finger in there.

Any idea on what's wrong with it or what I can do to fix it?

Thank you
there's more tension on the strings. to level this, tighten the trem claw (the screws in the trem cavity) to tighten the springs. you'll need to detune a little to make sure you don't break your strings while tightening the springs. you shouldn't break them, but just in case.
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Tighten the springs in the back. But seeing as it's being pulled up that much you're probably going to need to get a couple more springs in there.
have you gone to a heavier string guage recently?

you need to adjust the springs with the two screws on the spring claw.(tighten 1/4 of a turn each until parallel with the body)

one spring looks smaller in diameter than the others - might be an idea to swap this one into the middle.

has somebody been sabotaging your guitar?
yeah i would put in all 5 of the springs. You can get a set of 5 at guitarcenter for like less than 10 bucks
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First, it looks to me like the screws holding the trem to the body are loose on the low E string side there is a little gap and the trem is higher on that side. Second I think also you need to add a little tension to the springs. You should check the trem for wear at the contact spots where it rests on the mounting screws and actually the screws them selves I had to remove some screws where the heads came off from wear. I have seen them wear pretty quick on Squiers when the trem is heavily used in less than a year. They use pretty cheap metal for Squire Trems. I always recommended replacing it with an actual Fender Trem and mounting screws.

Oops almost forgot check to see if the screw holes in the body are not stripped out! if the screw is loose and you use the trem a lot you can egg out the holes in the body and the trem can get cocked.

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