Feedback is not even the right word to describe it. It's more of a squealing. Maybe like a dieing pig.

First I thought about to much gain. Turning down the gain to zero solved the squealing problem, but now I had a playing problem... ... I was using the same amount of gain i was always using. Same with the EQ. Nothing changed here.

Next thing I thought about was maybe it wasnt my Laney squealing. Maybe it's my AC4 which I was using at the same time. Turned it down, only made it worse ( WTF?)

Third thing I thought was maybe my Noise Gate was off. Checked. Then I was like "yeah, sure, it's my G-major, some ****ed up FX!" Nope, taking my G-Major out of the chain only made it worse (understandable, no noise gate)

So, what's left? Microphonic preamp tubes. Unplugged all my cables, (why the hell is my stack staning in an edge?), worked hard, checked all the preamp tubes. Neither of them were sitting lose or showed any sign of failure. Neither do the Powertubes.

So, where the hell is this squealing coming from? (Before someone ask: I swear I checked if there was a dieing pig in the amp. Or the box.)

tl;dr: Amps squealing, tried everything, nothing worked.

Could it be just the tubes getting old? Or the guitar?

Well, whatever it is, I hope you won't let me down
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I'd try replacing the tubes.
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