Hey guys, im part of a five piece band that includes:

Two Vocalists, Bass, 3 Electric Guitars and a Drumset

We are looking for a cheap and effective way of recording our material onto a laptop at the same time with fairly reasonable quality without having to resort to renting a studio.

Software is not an issue, so we need to know what hardware you guys would recommend us, essencially we need something that can simultaniously record:

3 Mics (One for drums) Bass and Electric Guitarx3

We have tried using amps and a single Uni-directional mic running into Audacity and to be fair, the quality and the sound levels are awful, and we don't want to resort to recording instruments seperatly.

Our budget is around £400 in total, we currently have two 385 Sennheiser mics, a BOSE 8 Track Digital Recording system BR-1200 (only 2 tracks simultaniously though)

What do you guys reckon?
For recording a live band you're going to want well over 8 simulatenous outputs, usually it's up to 16.

You'll get tighter material if you do it in pieces too.