I am considering getting a 1987x. Obviously I will try it before buying it, but does it have enough gain for me. The tone I like is from Free to AC/DC in the late 70s. My guitar is a 50s reissue telecaster. So is it driven enough for my style of music. Thanks in advance.
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They don't have a master volume, do they? You're gonna have to turn them up to get AC/DC level overdrive, and marshalls get LOUD quickly. You might want an attenuator, and probably also some transparent sounding overdrive pedal to push the front end a bit.
Yes, enough drive, but you're never going to get those Angus Young or Kossoff tones with a telecaster.
It will be fine for you, but that thing is really loud if you use it at home.
And you need to turn it up to even get overdrive.

I'd suggest an 18-watter clone.
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