Well, I've been looking for a reverb/delay pedal. Could someone please tell me the difference between a reverb and a delay effect? and how they're similar..
i was also wondering if you could get a reverb effect with a delay pedal or vice versa.

and if i had to choose one which would you recommend.

basically, i want something to add a little more character for solos and such.
and i play sort of hard rock/metal stuff if that helps any.
i know delay is better for soloing, but i don't know the difference , so bump.

EDIT: http://www.behindthemixer.com/content/reverb-or-delay-do-you-know-difference , this may helps and here's a little list of good delay pedals:


Boss DD-7
Hardwire DL-8
Nova Delay
Boss DD-20


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ehx memory boy
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delay is basically an echo. it takes a copy of the signal and delays it (and lowers the volume in most cases) a bit on playback (hence the name) listen to the Edge (U2) for good delay examples.

reverb is room noise. go in a gym and clap your hands. you'll hear the sound bouncing all around the room kind of like a whole bunch of closely spaced echoes. it's different from delay in that it's not a direct copy of the original, just the noise (reverberation) that is created from the original sound in a virtual room.

make sense? i know those are bad descriptions, but that's the best i can think of right now.

EDIT: delay is more popular for soloing, but some reverb will help fill it out more. if you have a tube amp, chances are it has reverb built in. if you have a modeling amp, it for sure has reverb built in. it's probably the most common effect... even more than overdrive/distortion.
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^^ .. my blackstar doesnt lol

so im guessing a delay would be more beneficial than a reverb? or both......?
I prefer reverb over delay, but to be honest i've not spent much time with a delay.

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so i think i'll get a delay..

and one more thing.. is it possible to get a delay pedal to produce subtle reverb (ish) sounds? or are they really different sounding?
you can get a sort of approximation of a reverb with a good, versatile delay pedal. it won't really be the same though. they are different.
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There are reverb/delay type pedals out there. O have a dd7 and to replicate verb I lower most knobs. Sounds better than my 5150 verb but then again the tank may have been bad.
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