Yesterday while I was playing my guitar my bridge pickup suddenly seemed to have run out of battery or something because there is hardly any noise coming out, i put distortion on but it only sounds clean with some slight distortion and when I switch to my neck pickup it sounds fine. I thought it was the wire at first because when I wiggled it around it worked but then after a while it just stopped. I tested my wire with my other guitar and it worked fine so I know its not my wire. I have emg 89s on both pickups and its only on the bridge pickup where it seems to have "run out of battery". But see my problem is that it can't be possible that my battery ran out because I just installed a new battery about two weeks ago and this has never happened before. I tried re-installing and putting in a different battery but got no luck and I don't really want to mess around with the wiring for the fear of messing something up. I would take it to my local guitar shop but they are not open on sundays.

So if anyone can help me with my problem I will be much grateful.
try spraying contact cleaner in the switch, if that doesn`t work it`s probably wiring also make sure the volume knob on the guitar itself if turned up.