First off, trilling. It seems that after two or three sets of trills, my hammer-ons start becoming quieter and my pulloffs much tinnier. Is this just lack of endurance? I'm nearly positive it's not my technique coming off because I've done it really really slowly and it does the same thing, so I'm thinking maybe it's just that I haven't got the endurance to maintain enough force.

Second, hammer-ons on high E after the fifth or so fret. They just get really quiet, and after the thirteenth fret or so, they sometimes don't even ring out.

Third, pulloffs to an open string. I've got no idea how to control these. When I do a pulloff to an open string, I end up pulling it way down and the string is vibrating in a huge range that almost reaches the adjacent string(s). This gives it a kind of tinny/shaky sound.

Fourth, pinch harmonics. I can't do them, at all. I've watched video after video and I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I can physically feel my thumb touching the string, and I know I'm not muting it because, obviously, it's still ringing out fully clear. I've tried it at every single place between the neck and the bridge, no go.

Thanks for help on any/all of these problems.

Edit: Oh, one more thing. I've been doing a lot of practicing with legato and sweep picking. I'm nowhere near the level to play songs in the sticky that are good for this, but would it still be good to take the songs and play them at whatever speed I can to get the practice of patterns and such? I'm just thinking that it'd be better to take the time getting these things up to speed even though it'd take way longer, than it would be to take the time to get little exercise licks up to some kind of arbitrary speed. What do you guys think?
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1) For the trilling, just keep up practising, you'll get the dexterity eventually, and it will be worth it, just dont get disencouraged.

2) when you hammer on imagine you're trying to punch a whole through the guitar neck with your finger. Also, to sustain the note after hammering on try some vibrato.

3)not sure about this one, i suppose just practise, and try not to pull off to heavily, because you're going to an open string you dont need much power behind it.

4) Firstly eq your gear to high gain and heavy on the treble. treble pickup too. try it on the G or B strings first as i find these easiest. If you can physically feel your thumb touching the string it is touching it too much. You want the thinnest portion of your thumb to touch as possible. Where you hit the string is important too, there are sweet spots on each string for each fret, you can find them by (e.g playing the fifth fret on the G string) holding that note and tapping very lightly over the pickups and finding the area wheree the cleanest harmonic rings out. This is where you need to be hitting for the pinches.
Also, try and hit the string hard, it helped me somehow whe i was learning.
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Pinch Harmonics were a big pain in the ass for me.
How I learned :
Unplug your electric guitar from any sort of ampification.
Then hold your pick with the bottom of your thumb and the side of your index.
Now, when you pick a string, lightly touch the string while going down (you're downpicking).
You should hear a harmonic.
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