Hey guys,

As my christmas present/own money, I had a budget to spend on anything. I got a decent deal on a preamp I'll be NAD'ing on arrival, which I love the sound of.

I will just be feeding it through my current amp for the time being, I won't even bother to use it to gig with till I get a power amp.

After selling all my current gear, I'll say my budget will be 600 pounds to spend on a power amp and a cab. I've decided I'm going with the Harley Benton vintage for the cab, so either [300/300 amp/4x12] or [450/150 amp/2x12].

Now, I've been searching the internet, and there seems to be a shed load of power amps around, but I can't find barely any to buy. I REALLY need some links.

Going used is fine, budget is up to 450, 500 pounds pushing the limit. And it must me valve, preferably with el34's (unless theres a good reason to go SS).

Wattage is not overly important, but since its going to be a rack piece, I'd rather it be a good one to stay. It will be primarily for metal and as nice of a clean as I can get, so 100 watts is preffered.

Thanks in advance!
All I've been finding is PA power amps and ENGL's that run over 1500 pounds xD
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using el34s then look at marshall, or groove tubes

the 100/100 or the 50/50 from marshall

2nd hand on the 100/100 is around £550
Yeah, I've already been on thomann.de and gak.co.uk's power amp sections. There is very little choice.

I keep seeing the Marshall ones around, I presume they are good, but I think I'm going to have to wait quite a while before I can get a 100/100 second hand.

Thanks for the help anyways, any other suggestions?
what preamp are you getting? i'm very interested in setting up a rack system in the future, so any and all insight would be cool, also what power conditioner are you looking into, if you've started , since i've heard many many different things