Are their any ways to develop singing and playing lead guitar at the same time just like dave mustaine does.
i would like to become a solo artist someday playing guitar, keyboard, singing and other assorted instruments. and using a drum box to give me beats or eventually taking up drum lessons. then overdubbing the recordings. but i have always wanted to sing and play lead at the same time.
i can barley sing allong while strumming steady quarter notes. i end up strumming to the rythem that im singing to.

what can i practice to help me achieve this?
Practice playing the song until you can do it without thinking about it, and then practice singing.
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just practice some simple songs. Play together with the recording at first.
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Practice playing the song until you dont have to think about it, then just sing over the top. I started off with - polar opposites by modest mouse. Its just simple D, E, G and the singing over the top isnt hard, but its a good base, after that just slowly build up more complicated songs, good luck
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Is no one even reading his post? He's talking about playing LEAD guitar and singing at the same time.

OP, I wish I could help you. Playing lead and singing is not something I'm able to do. Rhythm and singing is fine, but not lead.
Symphony of Destruction is a good Megadeth song to attempt. For the most part, the rhythm guitar follows the vox.
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We understand he wants to play lead and sing, but for me, I learnt rythm guitar and then lead, and ive learnt to play rhythm and sing and im slowly bridging the gap between playing lead and singing.
I stick with saying that starting with playing rhythm and singing is your best bet
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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when your playing do you hear the words in your head.....try opening your mouth.....let the words out. (sry for the bluntness, but the simplest approach is the best)

unless it`s voices your hearing then that`s a different matter lol
Playing lead guitar well can take alot of concentration and trying to sing at the same time is a bit of a challenge. All you can really do is practice using songs you know really well.
the key to singing and playing at the same time is essentially to create "checkpoints" or in other words locations in the rhythm where certain parts of the lyrics come in. If trying to emulate other songs listen to the song and see where certain parts come in, when writing your own music you have to create your own "checkpoints." Other then that...practice.
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Idk if this is just me, as I haven't really seen too many people suggest it, but I can't even think about playing and singing when my guitar is blaring, but if I keep it real low, or better yet off, I can play both rhythm and lead pretty well while being able to sing, and yes I've recorded myself just to make sure it wasn't all in my head :p. May be worth a try, I've also had decent success with using some noise cancelling earbuds, but I've only been messing with them the last couple days.
in my path of learning for me at first id have to listen to the song inside and out and know it like the back of my hand. Know when ur chord changes occur and work on that. Thats the most important thing.
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Just do simple songs, I did. I started with stuff like Aces High where the riffs follow the melody, then tried stuff like Conquer All where it's a bit more demanding.
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i try and learn a song whilst singing to it, then you can add the chords and then finally a rythme when you have learnt where the changes are placed. basically the opposite of what jesus_dean said. everyones different, but use the method that suits you the best.
k thanks allot for the help guys im trying to relearn some of the first basic songs i learnt on guitar and sing along. i tryied that D,E,G thing someone mentioned. i still find it hard but its coming to me a little quicker.