Apologies if it's already been done, I searched to no avail, redirect me if there is a thread on this. I've been lookin for a looper, and right now I'm really liking the JM4. Does anybody have any experience with it? If so, is it worth it?
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Well i've got it and it's a really good choice if all you want it for is practice at home.

Basically, if you plug it straight into any medium quality speakers (like usual hi-fi's), you get the standard line 6 sound enhanced by 200+ tones, 100+ amp settings, fx, drumtracks, songs, and a really well designed looper.

I don't even have an amp at home, i use JM4 with this hifi: http://www.audioreview.com/mfr/sony/mini-systems/cmt-cp11-desktop-audio-system/PRD_126560_2749crx.aspx

All in all, what you have is basically what you need to make practice a lot more fun, especially for scales and solos.

But that's that, it's not for live playing, the most you can get out of it is at a band rehearsal.
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