so for christmas i got some money from relatives and i had planned on buying the vox ac4tv, until i saw the bugera v5. i have heard great things about the vox but the bugera is relatively new so there hasnt been much talk about it lately.

i was wondering if there were any people with some experience with the amps and if they could help me out on deciding which is better for me.

i plan on just playing in my room with these amps, playing music like queens of the stone age, classic rock, and blues. also it would be nice if someone could tell me wether or not the bugera can take pedals well or not.

thanks in advance for the help
Better you get the Vox.

Most Bugera amps suffer from crappy build quality.

Bugera-fanboys will tell you that those quality issues are fixed now, but yeah ...
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I never tried the Bugera, but I own the Vox. Honestly, this thing is a beast. It's nearly as loud as my Laney and even if you dial it down to 1/4 it's still pretty loud.
The overdrive you can get from the Vox is really nice. If you push him to hard it gets pretty nasty, though. There enough clean headroom for playing at home, but if you going to gig with it you will need to have it miced.

I'd take the vox over the bugera anyday.
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I luf my vox
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Quote by marcus1019
haha thanks for all yalls help, i guess ill go with the vox then.

Well go and play them both, see what you think.

Don't let anyone else sway your opinion.

Btw, I'd get the vox every time. But yeah, if possible, play every amp around your price range