Hard Rock Amp!!! Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses, Turbonegro kinda tone for like £300-350? (to spend on an amp). It needs to be at least 15watts to get over a loud drummer. I might also use effects so it needs an alright clean channel. But the main tone I want is the hard rock tone! I will most likely get it used, but may also get it new depending. I want it to be a tube amp!!!

Thanks for the help! I appreciate it
I recommend the ValvePower 18w. It is great for classic rock and it's only £300, hand-wired in England!!
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It won't be loud enough to get over drums will it?
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good point - in that case, I say used night train/tiny terror

They're more known for their low/mid range gain aren't they? I want some sort of marshally sounding thing as thats what most of my favorite bands use. What are jcm 2000's like? Or, would a bugera v22 do hard rock? What about a boost or something for it?
Jet City 20 + boost probably?
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I recommend the ValvePower 18w. It is great for classic rock and it's only £300, hand-wired in England!!

+1, if it gets heavy enough (boost would help) and you don't need multiple channels or much headroom.
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