So I just got a pair of m-audio av40s for christmas and today I finally go around to setting them up. However, I have an issue where sound only comes out of the right speaker, and not the left. I'm about 99% sure I have them connected properly, and I've had this exact same problem with my last set of speakers. It's obviously an issue with my computer, any ideas? Thanks folks.
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How are you connecting them up, and what is your interface/sound card.
I have an m-audio firewire 410 interface, and I'm hooking the speakers right into the back of it. I have the two speakers connected together with the gold/silver tin bare wire that came with them. I have the gold wire in the red spring clamp and the silver in the black on the right speaker, and the same on the left. It didn't say how to connect them together in the manual, but I assumed that was correct.
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So it's unbalanced outputs 1 and two connected left and right TRS in on the speaker using a quarter inch jack?

Do you have a picture of the program settings in the drivers that are running the M-audio?

ie, where you're assigning your outputs in the computer.
No, it's 2 1/8 inch jacks in the back of the speaker and I'm using a 1/4 inch adapter to plug the speakers into the back of my interface.

Um I'm not sure what you mean by that....
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I'm confused. The back of the AV-40s show a TRS connection not a 1/8" jack connection.
Those are RCA. In that case you need RCA to 1/4", which I use for my monitors and that works just fine. Try grabbing some guitar cables and seeing if the TRS inputs work any better.
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Haha I just got it working using cables from a footswitch that came with my crate. Total luck on my part lol. Thanks for the help anyway though guys!
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