Im not that into indie or punk, so i have no comment on the song.. But you need to work on your guitar tone. The vocals sound good, and the drums are not bad for a non pro recording!!
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starts out weak but you guys build nicely into the guitar solo. Good energy from the guitar solo to the end. Love the style of the singer. Overall good song, maybe think about adding more behind the vocals.
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If you guys are going for Indy Punk, go faster, be more creative. If you are going for classic rock/ alternative with indy and punk ifluences, then I suppose you are doing well. The guitar needs to be louder in the mix, along with the vocals and any other instruments if they are present.

Not that bad for a first recording though.
compress the vocals and put them up in the mix. guitars need to be louder. can't really head the bass, either. i actually didn't mind the clean guitar at the start, but the distorted guitar sounded awful (tone-wise).