Here's the recording in question:

And the specifics:
  • One SM57, pointed at the center of the left speaker in my 2x12
  • Presonus Firebox
  • Double tracked rhythm (One track 40% L, the other 40% R)
  • Recorded into Reaper, no additional editing
  • Amp EQ: Gain: 5, Bass: 8, Mids: 7, Treble: 6, Volume: 2, Resonance: 7, Presence: 4
  • Tubescreamer used as a clean boost (Level: Full, Drive/Tone: 0)

I'm just trying to get a more professional sound out of my recordings. Maybe it's just me but the guitar still sounds a little bit... digital and artificial? Any tips on EQing my amp better or for editing the tracks in Reaper would be helpful.
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My bad, totally didn't read properly, listening to it quitely so it sounded mono, pan the tracks 100% left and right, not 40%.
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