Alrighty, you've seen tons of videos on youtube like this. A guitar cover with the original track being played in the background. I'm using Windows Movie Maker and I've put in my clip of Erotomania being played by me and the mp3 of Erotomania being played by Dream Theater. Now I want to sync them up so that they are played together. However, I seem to only be able to move the mp3 and not the video file. I want to move the video file over about 8 seconds or so but I can't get it to NOT start at 0:00:00. Help!
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Lesson = Get good video editing software.

+1, Movie Maker only has basic tools, get Sony Vegas or even Camtasia Studio
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You have to add 8 seconds worth of pictures or something before the video.

Otherwise, get a better video editing software.
You can't move the video clip. I'd suggest just getting an image of nothing but black, then putting that for the first seconds. Either that or just move the mp3 to 0 seconds.
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