Does the instrument cable affect the sound and tone of your guitar? ive seen this steve vai signature cable and i was wondering if it is the same sht as the other cables or the cables DOES a difference on sound
There isn't MUCH of a sound difference, but it can be noticeable. But higher quality cables do last longer, which is why I buy them. I bought a monster cable 3 years ago, and it's still 100%. And I've gone through many 10 dollar cables of the same length.
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Does it make a difference? Yes, but not a big one

Is it worth the extra money? probably not, unless you have it to spare
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You can definatley tell the difference between the clarity of sound from a £5 cable and £40 cable, but it doesnt affect your tone as such. If recording and playing live it is definately worth investing in a good quality cable that will last a long time.
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Yes, it affects it in a big way, its the only thing getting your guitar signel to your amp, and if it gets changed in any way then it wont give you the true sound of your guitar. So a good cable is a must. I would never buy signature cables, their just normal cables with a bigger price tag.
There was a UG article on the very subject. I'd recommend you read it, its very informative.
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It doesnt affect the sound in a big way. I've tried plenty, from cheap to quite expensive, and the sound remained the same. The only difference i noticed is the quality of the jack, e.g. the jack on a monster cable clicks in and won't be easily pulled out, thats the only reason I use monster cables
The difference from a cheap cable to a good one is quite minimal. Chances are that without all pro equipment and setup you will not notice. One thing you will notice on a higher quality cable is it will pick up less noise, and when you move it around it should not make noises. Cheap cables often will.
IMO it makes a very big difference if you're using high end equipment. before i got my AC30H2L i was using a deluxe reverb amp, which is a great amp, but its PCB wiring. the second i got the ac30h2l which is handwired I had to get all new cables, because they were killing the sound. you won't notice the difference in PCB amps, but with handwired stuff you definitely will.

EDIT: It will not affect the TONE of your amp/guitar, it will however hugely influence the quality of the sound. your guitar will not shine through with a cheap cable.
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So...... if the main difference on the cable is the durability ( for a guy that only likes to play guitar in his room and sometimes has gig) how can you make a cheap cable more durable???
I wrap electrical tape a few inches in from the jack. It makes it more sturdy in the place it's most likely to break.
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the nicer ones also come with a life time guarentee so if they break you can just take it back and get a new one. after a few years they'll pay for them selves.
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