Hi everyone

Here's my question. I have a bad monkey a Jackson DXMGT with emg-hz and a Palomino V16. I am looking for a nice lead tone, a smooth distortion that sounds great with solos, im looking for a tone like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJv191qND2U

i love that tone. the first question is : what pedal or settings can i use to get that lead tone?

the 2nd thing is, i also need an alternative rock tone, just like The strokes one. both guys on the strokes use Jekyll & Hyde pedal, and ive been looking on youtube videos of it, it sounds beautiful, which takes me to my 2nd question. Would i be able to get the lead tone and the alternative rock tone with those 2 pedals? (bad monkey and jekyll & hyde?

thx in advance. btw, excuse my bad english, im currently learning it.