Hey was lookin for some setups for a Boss ME-50 to make it sound like some people like Zakk Wylde or Slash. any sites or ideas?
Trial and error is the easiest way. Although, in order to really get a sound like Zakk or Slash, you'll need a Marshall Tube Amp and a decent sounding Les paul.
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You're lucky I got the ME-50 and found this a while back :p


I ditched the pedal though, because I started realizing it thins out my tone waaaaay too much. Try turning everything off, but still having the pedal on (so your still going through the pedal but no effects are active, or tone modifiers, or compression or anything), then try it with just from your guitar to the amp, you'll hear the difference.. Anyways have fun, I still do love the Gilmour tone from that pdf.
i have the me70 and the amp modeler helps, the marshall modulation gives me a good guns and roses sound, in your case use the overdrive. and zakk wylde , mmmm, use the distortion
i have a jackson dk2 with duncan designed, boss me70 and marshall mg15dfx.
you know i need versatility with good cleands and good distortion, also i dont now if it helps but my dream amp is a jcm800
im looking for a 30 or 50 watts amp, dont recomend a stack, im looking for a valve combo
i will only buy a marshall or a peavey.