I've been thinking about getting a Flanger pedal for playing Foo Fighters and Radiohead songs. Don't know what I should get as I've never had a chance to try out Flanger pedals. I've heard that Electro-harmonix: Electric Mistress is good and there is also a Boss: Flanger pedal. Which one should I get or are there any other Flanger pedals you would recommend?
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Sounds really good. How much does it cost?

like the old saying goes "if you have to ask..."

if i had to pick between the two you said, i'd go with the EHX. i'd get an MXR flanger over the EHX, though.
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

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Do you want crazy sounds or just a subtle flange?

For crazy, you could go an Ibanez AF-2
For subtle, either an Ibanez FL9 (the reissue) or an Electric Mistress.
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i tried a lot lot lot of flangers because i wanted to buy a new one after realizing the digitech one i had wasn't so good, and the ones that stood out were the ibanez fl9 and the EHX electric mistress

then, i went for the carl martin classic flange because it really blew the others out of the water
I like the Electric Mistress a lot, but make sure youre going for the old, big box version and not the new XO Stereo Electric Mistress
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i have the Stereo Electric Mistress and i like it a lot.
it sounds pretty damn organic, and with the stereo output going into two amps, it sounds amazing