I really want to get a stratocaster, and i'm wondering about what to get.

My friend has a mexican strat that they said they will sell me for £190, which i think is pretty good. However i live next door to a small guitar dealer who regularly gets second hand american strats in, and usually sells them for around 500 - 600 pounds.

So would it be better to get the cheap as chips mexican off my mate and upgrade the pickups to some lace sensors or bareknuckles or wait till a nice USA strat comes around?

Will the difference be all that noticeable?
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My understanding was that it was mexicans working in the American factory anyway.

I've never tried to look for the difference, but I've not seen a major one. I don't think i've heard anyone say that they really thought one was better than the other, either.

And that's a big price difference.
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190 is a pretty good deal for a mexian strat. There is tangible difference in quality (at least there was when I tried it, they've upgraded the american ones now to make them more "vintage" or something). Whether it's worth the extra cost is for you to decide. They're fairly common. Go find one, try it out.
I think that what you need to think about is which plays better and sounds better fo you, and if it's the american is it worth the price because you can upgrade the pickups but if you don't like how it feels to play the mexican there's nothing you can do to change that