I'm thinking of selling a bit of my gear to buy a good half stack, and this is what I'm thinking of putting up for sale.

1.) A 2008 Jackson DKMG in black, bought June 2008 for $700. Has a $70 Tremol-No in it.

2.) 2008 Line 6 Spider III 75w amplifier, purchased same time as Jackson. Bought for $300

3.) 2009 ESP LTD MH-1000 NT in Desert Brown Sunburst. Purchase for $500, in perfectly new condition (not out of box yet), usually sells for about $900-$1000 at major guitar stores.

Keep in mind im in a small, isolated town (7,200 people, 800km (500 miles) from a guitar store) therefore I can sell my stuff at slightly higher prices.
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A place like Guitar Center will pay probably 600-700 dollars for the whole lot, providing it's all in great condition.
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seeing as you live in a small town i think your main problem will be finding someone to sell all that gear to.
Nah, people will buy it, as there's a good few people around here that play guitar.

I already have someone lined up for the Spider, and I might have someone for the two guitars. I just want an estimate before I give them an asking price.
I'd say 600 for both guitars, provided you really don't have any music stores and they're in like new shape. It's still a bit high though.