Need guitar. I have short fingers. Don't bother about which amp I'll be using.
ESP KH-3 has EXACTLY the type/size of frets and the neckstyle I want.

- 42mm Neck Width
- Extra Thin Flat Neck Contour
- 24 Extra Jumbo Frets

Are the specs for that guitars neck and frets I think.

Will be playing both Band of Horses-ish "indierock" with little or no distortion AS WELL as metal like Lamb of God, Despised Icon, Job For a Cowboy etc. That's why I have such a hard time choosing what suits best..

Budget: ~1000 US dollars, or ~770 Euro if you wish. Could go up a little bit if really necessary.

EDIT: To clearify, I don't need a specific guitar, of course I will go try out different models in different guitarstores first. But more like guidelines and tips about brands/models that I could check out. And tips regarding maybe types of wood and mics that are good for this kind of genre-mixing.
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^Damn beaten too it lol

Yea the LTD MH-1000 is perfect for your needs, the neck is a TAD thicker than the ESP xtra thin, but it's still really nice. I'm thinking of getting the ESP Horizon NT-II (The ESP version of that LTD) because I'm also looking for versatilty, and I think it's a great idea.
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These are $1000 but you'll probably need a pickup replacement.

ACTUALLY, the V7 and the V8 sound pretty damn nice. If you try them before you buy them check out the cleans first, because i know that those pickups can handle distortion incredibly well.
MH-1000 was amazing, but I cant find any company that sells or ships it for under 1000 dollars in sweden..
Instead I've looked into the PRS SE Custom 24, any opinions about that choice?