There is a very rough recording of a song on my profile.

There were people sleeping when i recorded this, so i had to sing a little quiet.
Anyway, how do the vocals sound to you?

Also if you would like to comment the music aswell, i will gladly accept.
well sing away from the mic a bit.
the track needs some bass
the shaker thing needs more rhythm instead of sh sh sh sh sh sh sh it needs to be more like sh ka sh ka sh ka... if you know what i mean

i like the guitar riff though. its catchy
I really dig the music but your singing is really quiet and mumbled. I get a lot of energy and emotion from the music which clashes with the vocals. You should try to redo the vocals when you can get loud and more passionate.
thanks. Like i said, i had to be quiet so i moved close to the mic. I will re-record that. I know what you mean with the shaker. Oddly, i completely understood your 'sh ka' thing lol. I will totally grab my bass and add it to the mix too.

What would you think of keeping the shaker the same and adding tamborine?
i think the shaker is fine, when i said bass i just meant eq though. it would need to be longer to like build up into a full band type thing from a acoustic thing
oh ok. I see what you mean. I will play w/ the eq. thanks. I think i should add more lyrics instead of the instrumental chorus too.