Hi, I have about £200-300 to spend on a new guitar amp. I will usually use it in my bedroom but I just started rehersing with a band so I'm really looking for a combo for easy transport and maybe something that is capable of gigging in the future. I've made a few choices but I'm not really sure what to go for and I'm always open for suggestions:

  • Peavey VYPR 75W
  • Vox VT50
  • Peavey Bandit 112
  • Fender Super Champ XD
  • Peavey Windsor Studio

These are only a few, so I'd like someone to tell me which one to buy (remember I'm not limited to any of those amps). I mostly play hard rock (guns, aerosmith), modern rock (blink, green day), some glam sometimes and others but them 3 are the main ones.

Thanks alot,
Have you went to your local guitar shop and played on any of the amps you listed? also willing to buy used?
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I'm planning on going there sometime this week or next week, but since they're relatively small shops I'm not sure if they'll have them in stock, but I'll go anyway. I'd prefer not to buy used unless it's a very good deal.
I would look at the Blackstar HT-5 or the Windsor Studio you listed if you are playing mainly in your bedroom. Maybe if you are playing with a band then look at the Valveking 112 or 212. I just got done reading about the Windsor Studio and it sounds pretty cool by letting you change out the tubes with a lot of choices and it self-biases. It also has a power attenuator built in which would be handy for your situation playing in the bedroom and then playing somewhere else. That might be something to think about and Good Luck!
Do you think the Windsor Studio is capable of gigging? I'm pretty sure the ValveKing is but the Windsor is only 15W