all this is just out of curiosity, but in your opinion, who are the greatest female guitarists? The only "great" guitar players that I ever hear anyone refer to are guys. I'm a girl. Been playing guitar for close to 4 years now, but I'm the only one in my area, that I know of, that does actually play. I guess realizing this made me wonder how many girl guitar players there are out there. and who, among them, are your favorites?
Courtney Love

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Bonnie Raitt>>>>>>oh ya, she plays the sweetest blues and country slide guitar ever and what a great voice too. Check her out... she's a little older, but still very beautiful and one of the greatest female guitarist of all time in my opinion.
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Flavor de jour is Orianthi ... new album out, was Michael Jackson's guitarist before he died ...

Not sure she lives up to the hype, but she's good, she'll likely get better over time ...
Belinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine

She's not the greatest female guitarist but her music more than makes up for that!
^I second Orianthi.

Also, if anyone says the Great Kat, then they are lying.
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Allison Robertson from The Donnas.
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I third Orianthi, she is amazing... She played the "Beat It" solo for Micheal Jackson, and has played guitar with the likes of Satch.
nori bucci (jazz fusion)

deirdre cartwright (jazz)

amanda cook (classical )

ana vidovic (classical )

with respect,if any male guitarists on this forum feel they can play as well as ana vidovic I would be very interested to hear them .
Ani Difranco by far is my favorite.

Many of the other women guitarist are basically stuck having to live in a "man's world perception" of playing guitar. Ani has nothing to with that and delivers music strictly as a women.
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Emily Burton (Fireball Ministry)
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Steve Howe
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why does it matter
neither gender is inherently better at music

Female playing guitar > Guy playing guitar
Why Yuji, UG's new mascot of course!

On a real note I do quite like susan tedeschi.
Orianthi kinda speaks for herself really
Tal Wilkenfeld ...

though not a guitar player...playing bass for jeff beck counts...

playing anything for jeff beck counts...

hell...even being a roadie for jeff beck counts...