Hey, I'm using an Ibanez SR505 5-String bass through an acoustic B200H (preamp) and an acoustic b410 (cab). It works well and I like the tone, but it often gets a clipping/raspy sound when I play the lower notes. I tried raising the action of the bass, but it did not help. Has anybody else had this problem and/or have a solution?

-I'm considering trading in cabs, but I'd prefer sticking to the b410.
voice coil, perhaps. Sounds like the speaker is cracking up?

or maybe it's a ground thing? Check the head's ground wire, and make sure it's connected securely to the chassis.
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It does sound like the speaker is cracking up.

I don't think it has anything to do with the head though because we took my bass into guitar center and ran it through the exact same setup and that had the same problem, but when ran through the 200H and any other cabinet (like the b115) the problem disappeared.
I had a problem similar to that with a guitar amp of mine.

Turn it on and up your bass guitar's volume.

Now stomp on the ground in front of the amp. Does it still crack?
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Well I can't exactly try that right now, but I'll get back to you as soon as i can.
So I opened up the casing and found out the wiring was all wrong. 2 of the speakers only had negative wires connected, and there were only wires connected to 2 of the speakers :O. Now it sounds extremely clean .

One more thing-Can anybody tell me the benefits tone wise of using a b115 on top of a b410, other than just volume? Or would that be pointless (I'm in a metal band that plays mainly small gigs) and should go for something else, such as pedals?