i just got a USB Instrument cable by first act from target. it came with cake walk recording software. when i try to record i can see the sound wave thing moving so it looks like im recording but when i try to play it back theres just silence for the length of time i recorded. it has a tuning feature which works. so i know the signal is getting to my computer but no sound is coming out. i downloaded audacity, overloud, and amplitube and its the same with all of them. i have windows xp and i checked all the volume line in and out channels. i set the line in to my usb recording device and the out to my speakers. does any one know why it doesnt work?
Can you play songs say, on iTunes or a different program through your speakers?

If you can, then it's settings on the program that need changing. If you can't, then you need to make your speakers work.
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yeah my speakers work. i tested them right away to see if it was them or not. overloud says i need to adjust the volume on my connection device because its too loud. the others say its working. i dont have a volume on my connection device. its just a cord. lol. maybe i broke it on accident while taking it out the package.
Did you try turning the volume down on your guitar? I would guess that the guitar is what the program is calling the 'connected device'. Do you have active pickups? I don't know if that matters but it seems like your guitar is giving too much to the computer.
Check the software manufacturer's website or check the instruction manual

I would guess that whatever version of Cakewalk is trying to record using your computer's sound card or input/mike jack instead of the USB device.
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i have passive humbuckers. i didnt think to turn down the volume on the guitar itself. i'll give it a shot. i checked the website, the instructions. all signs point to yes, but it just doesnt work.
i found out what went wrong. i didnt have the line out set through realtek speakers. sorry for wasting your time, but thanks anyway. now i have to find out if i can fix the lag im hearing.
Remember the good old days when all we had were microphones in front of amps and a board going into a reel-to-reel deck? Sometimes I think all of this recording software is really an insidious plot to turn us all into the Borg.

Glad you solved your recording problem. Good luck with it!