Im getting a les paul in about a week. Am looking at the standard, faded, classic and traditional. Im into lots of different music so versatility would be great but I also want a distinctive sound. I've played the standard before so know how good they are, should be playing some others tomorrow in a shop. Anybody got any advice on any o these guitars or have owned any in the past?
Play them all and find one you like!
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whats your price range? I loved the traditional I played 2 weeks ago... I'd go crazy and grab ol Black Beauty!!
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Well my price range is no more than £1500 which im not sure what that is in dollars but i can afford any of them models but not anything else really. Ill get a better idea tomorrow but opinions will be greatly valued.
Ok, I've played the faded and the traditional and the traditionals miles better, the shop only have the 2008 standard which costs a bit much and wasnt any better than the traditional. Does anybody know what the classic is like? Im tempted by the traditional at the moment but might try a few more shops tomorrow to see if they have a classic.