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anyway i liked it. it flowed well but was kinda standard if you know what i mean? plus i had to unmute some tracks
pretty sick dude. I love the catchy riff that starts around measure 27, and then the sweep picking part is awesome too. The only thing I don't like is the beginning with just the chords, but it's not that bad. Overall it's pretty good.

Anyways, I kinda like the intro. Nice and gritty. Typical, but I would imagine it'd be great to pump up a crowd at a show. I like the chordy bit after when it gets into a nice groove. Blast beats, necessarry. (Y)

I could've lived without the melodic part, but it was done alright. I like my metul metul.

It went back into the heavy bit nicely. The drop B flat still seems unnecessary but whatever floats your boat i guess.

Sweeps, nice and eery.

Part after that has a nice groove. I actually dont mind the melodic riffage here. Fits right with the chugs.

Drums are written very well I'm noticing. Btw, I'm critting as I listen.

Solo/harmony thing...argg. Not a fan of that. A little generic. More shredding...but not soulless shredding, would be nice.

Bass and drums alone, kinda too easy. Not impressed by it, but it's alright.

Oh, and it's over? Should've done a clean passage over the bass, some nice full sus chords or something.

What you have here is a nice melodic, death core song. I'm sure you got that. XD

I give it a 7.5/10. It'd be an occasional listen on my zune.

c4c I guess?

I am guessing you practice playing to this song? xD three of the tracks you forgot to unmute. xD

Oh, I really like where track 5 comes in. And then when it leaves, it goes back to that mean feeling riff, nice job.

The leads are really really nice. I like how it stays head banging and all that while having pretty leads. I found myself jamming out a little to it about half way though not even noticing I was. xD

Gotta love a bass lover, ending with the bass is what i am talking about. xD Sounds kool, and I really like it. really good job man, i wanna hear more like this.


I ******* love the riff at bar 79 and overall it was a good song. What's ur band called?