I have an American Standard Strat and today I was takin it apart to put in my new Dimarzio pickup. I took off the plate on the back of the neck where it connects to the body so i could see the manufacture date and there was a crazy looking face drawn on the inside back part of the neck where it connects to the body. Just wondering if anyone else has a face or something drawn there, might be a signature for someone who works at the factory or something, pretty random and cool though. Manufacture date was October 30, 2008 by the way.
Haha yes I'm going to unstring my guitar, take off the neck, dig out my camera, take a picture, and then upload it to the internets. Naw i'm good. Its an evil lookin smiley face though.
However next time I change the strings or what not ill probably get pic so i can show people what im talking about
Off subject but, your guitar was made on my birthday last year. Back on subject I have never heard of this.
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