i just bought a washburn solo distortion pedal but evertime i plug it in and turn up the contour it makes this high pitched buzzing noise. im usin a peavy vyper and im so agravaded! does anyone no what to do. also it takes away almost all my treble and turns it to all mids. it has a tone, level, gain, and contour knob.
Wait do you have the Vyper tube? or the SS?

I've heard that it's a bad idea to put a dist pedal in front of an SS modeling amp.
What Ibanez is it? I think that's an SS as well and worse than the vyper in regards of using a pedal. Although it could be the pedal, but I don't know much more beyond distortion pedals in SS amps is bad.
hmm watever... i hate my ibanez amp to begin with. i swear by my vyper though. it sounds great but with distortion pedals it sucks. i wanna by a wah pedal soon will that work with it?
what are you running for cables? monsters will reduce humming considerably... not sure what to tell you about the washburn pedal... never played or knew anybody who has played one
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Put the Vypyr on the cleanest channel there is, I don't remember the name but it's at 1 o'clock, and turn the pre/post gain down to about 1/3 - 1/2. You can run a pedal into this with great success, this is what I do as I don't like a lot of the distortion from the Vypyr itself. You will still have some noise and hiss with the distortion pedal but it should be greatly reduced.
Why did you buy a cheap dirt box when your amp already provides better distortion?

Use it on the clean channel, if you try to use it on any of the distortion channels you'll just get noise. A wah pedal will be fine as it's nothing more than a tone control, distortion pedals will sound like ass though, you may get away with modulation effects (chorus, flanger etc) but cheap ones will be hella noisy.
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don`t buy stompboxes to put in front of modelling amps, they never work right.......chances are that the stompbox would be worth more than the amp anyway.

TS the best you can hope for is the sanpera pedal, that is speciffically designed for that amp.