it is completed, i missed out the duck tape for the picks, the angled humb (i think it is non sense) and the ****ed up selector (i will add some more wiring in the middle pickup position in the near future).

the guitar is made out of:

Ibanez GRX 170 GIO body (basswood)
Dr.Parst maple neck
Gotoh Floyd rose
Bareknuckle VHII bridge pickup
Stock Ibanez bridge pickup (Not functional)
CST Volume pot 500k
Standard Ibanez locking tunners (they do the job!!)

it sounds good, it stays in tune and it does the job... but... damn i cant find a way to set a good action on it, it is not very confortable to play. The other major problem... it does not have much sustain...and that sucks on a guitar like this one...

i want to know what can i do to set a better action and to improve the sustain of the guitar... Oh, and since im leaving some pics, spot on other things you think that could be better on the guitar!

My guitar Teacher made one too, its pretty awesome what you did.

And to get better sustain I would make sure the neck is 100% in as tight as possible and not slightly out of flush. The next thing is i would adjust the Tremolo saddles to get the action right. If you cant get it right I would take it to a guitar shop or music store and have them do it. The last thing I could think of to get more sustain is a Nut Check and level check and If NONE of that fixes that inspect the frets and see if any got damaged or are out of place.
those spots have been revisted by me when i did a setup to it.

i was thinking about leveling the pickup (it is kind of low, and not right placed...) and maybe change the floyd rose "? block?" to a bigger one... i dont really know...

i want to hear more problems that you guys can spot on this guitar! sorry for the big pics, but i dont really want to adjust them right now lol
Looks like you could use a bit of a neck shim, to raise it a little. That will help with the action a little bit. Also the nut looks a bit high, you might need to file down the wood underneath it to lower it a bit.