Ok, I’ve been looking for a while now on what guitar I want to buy next. Finally, I have narrowed it down to these guitars:
Schecter Hellraiser Avenger or c-1
Schecter Synyster (standard or custom)
Esp Clockwork Zombie

I've played all of these guitars before (except he hellraiser avenger) but I’m still not sure which is the best for what I play, which is rock and metal. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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ive got a c-1 and i love it, plays awsome stays in tune looks awsome and i play some metal and it great for it
i would go with the avenger cause alot of A7X fanboys end up buying the SYN standard or custom. be different and get the avenger hellraiser.

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I've never had a chance to try the Avenger, but I love my Hellraiser C-1, and I assume they'd be fairly similar; one of those would be my recommendation. I personally would never go for a signature guitar as distinctive as the Synyster model, but that's a personal taste thing (I also prefer the EMGs to the SD Invaders, but that's personal taste too). Basically, try as many of those as you can get your hands on and go with what feels/sounds how you want.