so while i was creeping musicianfriends pre-january sale i came across this esp


now that is has everything i want.. minus the active duncans but those passive duncans are good for metal to..ight??


that is my other choice with active duncans..

now for agressive playing such as slipknot/disturbed/dying fetus/amon amarth... like droped tunings anything lowing then d standard... will the esp/ltd be fit for that? and obviously it will pump out better cleans then the schecter.. i currently own a schecter so i don't mind the thick neck

EDIT.. what is the difference between bound rosewood and normal rosewood? and also can i shred good on this?
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I just bought the MH-1000, picking it up tomorrow. It's apparently is really versatile, and should be great for metal.


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wow the top on that thing is ridiculous... anyway, passives will do metal. it's all about the tone you're going for, but they will most definitely do metal. if you want to replace them with actives you can later on, or get a different pair of passives to put in there.
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