Today i wandered up to my local Guitar Center with a friend (he can't play guitar). He wanted me to set up a tiny fender amp for him, so i did a few basic settings, turned it on, and almost deafened him permanently. The boost wasnt even on and i got the LOUDEST feedback ever.

I was there to try amps, but i quickly changed my opinion. When im trying out some of the basic amps (Mainly VOX's), what settings should i preset to get a basic distortion sound? I dont want anything too amazing, just a standard distortion.

It was the gain, treble, and the 2 volume knobs that really screwed me up.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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treble is tone shaping, id say put all the EQ settings at 12 oclock to start. gain generally means how distorted the signal is, but can also work with volume sometimes. all volumes should be at zero when you start, the roll up until you find something comfortable.
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^ what he said, and pay attention to all the guitar's knobs as well. Don't just dime the guitar tone and volume knobs.

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If you're looking for a metal distorted sound you want the and bass to be high (7-10) and the mids to be low to medium (1-5) that's referred too as a scooped tone because the mids are "scooped" out. Adjust the main volume and channel volume (if there is one) accordingly and gain as well
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Thanks guys. My main problem was that id set everything so high, I'd be at the point where its like picking the cup where the coin is under. Which knob to i turn, a b or c, when in reality they all make the amp as loud as frig.

My amp now, to get a good distortion i have EVERYTHING set to 10 except for the master volume which is at about 1/2 haha.
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^I bet it just sounds wonderful...

Don't always scoop mids, try adding some see if he likes it. Not everyone is a scooped mids kinda guy.
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Does anyone know a preset that i can do just to get a real quiet distortion? I'm not the person to have my amp for everyone to hear, I'm usually in my own little place trying out everything around me. By preset, i mean the actual settings on a standard amp (low, mid, high, bass, volume, master volume, and treble/gain.
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well i would say keep the guitar volume up high, set distortion high enough so that its high gain (what are we talking like metal?) and master amp volume lower. that way you can outputy a lot of signal from your guitar and have high gain in the amp but just keep total volume low.

gain does not = overall volume or loudness

as for amp? i dunno is personal really. first off put volume and work up with a new amp so you dont blow your ears out like you did. try drive/gain at like 5/6, treble at like 4, mids at like 7/8 and bass at like 5/6?

maybe for more metal i would switch the pickup, turn down mids, turn upp treble and turn up gain some notches maybe? its all how you want it to sound. dont just put everything on 10 though.

or just look at this. amp settings by famous guitarists:

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