Poll: Do you lock the door to the bathroom in your own house?
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Hello pit, I was just in the bathroom when I came to wondering if people generally lock the door to the bathroom in their own house.
Let's assume it's a normal day, no guests, just you and whoever else resides in your house. You go to the bathroom, do you lock the door behind you to make sure no one comes in?

Poll coming.
EDIT: Poll here.
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Yep. But I've got a friend who doesn't even shut his bathroom even when guests are over. It's ****ing gross.

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Nope. I don't typically lock it at others' homes, either.
if i'm taking a dump i lock it , else i don't even close it..
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no, my bathroom door has no lock, my family knows how to knock. but in a public toilet. yes
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I just lock the door no matter what. You never know when someone could come home and walk in on you taking a piss and/or a shit.

Although a while back I only left it open once or twice (with no one else home obviously).
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Never, I always hope somebody will walk in and see me pooing/peeing or jackin it in the shower.
Yes, always.

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Yep. But I've got a friend who doesn't even shut his bathroom even when guests are over. It's ****ing gross.

yes, my mother has this obnoxious habit of not knocking.
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I personally never lock it in my own house. I figure most people have common sense to notice that a bathroom door is closed and you can see light from the crack underneath it. If I'm at someone else's house or we have guests over, I only do it just to be sure.
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The bathroom door doesn't even shut all the way properly in my house.

Plus, if the bathroom door is closed, then 99.9% of the time, there's someone in there, regardless of where I am.

And, if I'm in the shower, then I definitely don't close it. On the off-chance that I slip and fall, what if the door was locked? And no one could get in without doing damage to their door?
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I only lock the door when I shit.
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No I don't because I don't have a lock. You see what happened was, I had to go really bad and my brother was in the bathroom and locked himself in just to be a jerk and I kicked the door open. Took the lock right off. Also when I kicked the door open I happened to hit my brother in the face and he fell back and also hit his head on the toilet. I had to go really bad. >_>
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No... As I have an En Suite bathroom in my room, and it's custom designed into an arch doorway. Makes for awkward pisses when friends are over
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Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. If I'm going to fap, or about to take a shower I lock it, if I'm just going to piss I don't. Hell sometimes I leave the door open if I'm just pissing.
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yeah because the single time I didn't my mom walked in on some fappage
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Only when I fap.
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When I'm pooping, or in the shower (cause I jack it in the shower), yes.
Taking a piss? Nope.
Of course I do. I've been walked in on too many times not to want to.

I even do it when I'm home alone because I'm seriously terrified that an intruder will come in, see me and kill me. And when I want to die, I want to do it in a dignified manner, in a coll pose with a nice outfit on. I don't want my family to find me all naked and bloody in the shower because I neglected to lock the door.
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no. i dont even close the door, i leave it wide open. my house and ill do what i want! =P
I used to when I pooped, but not anymore.
It is pretty well known that when the door is shut and the light is turned on, it is occupied and do not enter.
if it had a lock i would, but i always lock the door no matter what, i trust not
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As my bathroom doors are always open when not in use, if a door is closed then it is obviously occupied.

I only lock the door to wack it
What? "No" is the minority? Either you're all insecure or your families don't know how to knock.

This never even occurred to me until now...
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Nope, not at my house anyway...

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