Is there any way that I can hook up a Phonic 16 channel mixer into my UX2 or my Tascam 8 track so I can have separate tracks for separate mics when I record drums? It would be super helpful if you guys could help. Thanks a ton dudes.
Nope, you only have two inputs on the UX2, so you only get two channels. Don't fret, though! You can mix the drums on your 16 channel mixer, then send that stereo out to the UX2 and you'll retain all stereo aspects of your mix. Just make sure to get your drums sounding great in the first mixer. Keep in mind, if they don't sound good coming out of that mixer, having separate channels for each in your DAW isn't going to make them sound fantastic.

On the Tascan, you should be able to hook up the mixer to get one channel for each of the 8 tracks, so you can have 8 individual drum sounds which should be enough. You shouldn't have more than:
Snare Top
Snare Bottom (optional)
Floor Tom
Overhead Right
Overhead Left
Rack Tom 1
Rack Tom 2

That's 8 right there if you have that many pieces in your kit.
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So if i were to do it that way SID what imputs would i use on the ux2 to have the mixer sound come through?