Hi. I recently purchased a Gibson Les Paul Jr knowing in advance I was going to change out the tuning heads. A friend told me the vintage gibson tuners that came stock weren't very good. Now I was going to replace them with a set of gibson modern tuners. The vintage style tuners that are currently on the the guitar each have two screw holes. Other than the cosmetic setback (there aren't two screw holes in the modern tuners), would this work?
You're going to need to drill for any aftermarket tuner that I'm aware of. It's not a big deal, the drilled holes are quite small and will be covered up if you decide to put the originals on at any point. Since you'll need to drill, you might as well put some locking Grovers or Schallers on instead.
The Junior is modern. 2009 In fact. The tuners aren't actually vintage. They are vintage style. Individuals.

This is the type of assembly on my guitar (but with a ovular head rather than the pointed type shown:


These are the ones I was planning on replacing them with: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Modern-Nickel-Machine-Heads-with-Metal-Buttons-101391399-i1128021.gc
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