Hi all, I have a question about falsetto, and I was hoping to find an answer here. So, I am singing in my band in addition to playing guitar, mainly because nobody else wanted to do it. Zero formal training, and minimal understanding of singing theory, so if I am totally mislabeling falsetto or talking like a noob in some way then I apologize.

Anyway, we decided to do a cover of Dragonforce's "Valley of the Damned". I use falsetto for the high parts of that song, as with many similar songs that I attempt to sing. My question is, after I have sung that song a few times, it seems like the breaks between my chest voice and my falsetto start getting more noticeable. This continues to the point where at least four notes located somewhere between the top of my chest voice and the middle of my falsetto, which I could sing fine before, are suddenly inaccessible to me. If I keep singing after that, the number of notes I can reach continues to decrease. After I take a break for like half an hour, everything's back to normal, but I could see this being a real problem live. What is going on here, and is there any way for me to fix it? I'm 17, and have been singing for about 8 months now, if those statistics are necessary.


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well it sounds like your voice is tiring i have no formal training either but this happens to me too i guess were probably doing something wrong
It could just be out of your ranges. The dude from Dragonforce has a really high voice, if you didn't notice.

The only thing you can do is practice practice practice, and try to improve your range. No offense though, but it's unlikely at your age you could do it. Just coming out of puberty and all.
yeah your voice is just getting tired. although i sing different styles, I am also a singer and have been taking lessons for three years. you need to make sure you warm up your voice before you sing. You'll be able to hit those notes easier and for a longer time. but if you feel like you're straining, don't push it. take a break and drink some water and stuff like that just so you don't ruin your voice. hope this helps!
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
Unfortunately, the advice of "keep practicing" isn't terribly well-founded here, because he doesn't know what to practice. It sounds like if he keeps practicing, he will continue to strain his voice and wind up damaging it.

You do certainly sound like you are straining. Best solution is to learn how to sing with proper technique so that you can sing without straining. Find a teacher who can teach this.

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