I plan on buying a new electric guitar next month and I was wondering what are your thoughts on these two guitars?

Ibanez RG3EXFM1 Electric Guitar


Jackson DX10D Dinky Electric Guitar

Also I've read that the pickups aren't that great on either of them. I know that EMGs and Seymour Duncans are good, but I need pickups that'll sound heavy like Killswitch Engage, but also clean Shinedown and Our Lady Peace. Which pickup and guitar would be suited for those types of music?
Well, the Ibanez has a fixed bridge, and the Jackson has a licensed Floyd Rose, which are two very different bridge systems. Ask yourself if you would rather have the convenience and stability of a fixed bridge, or if you're willing to put some extra maintanence work into taking proper care of a floyd rose, which in turn, will reward you with lots of fun tricks (dive bombs, crazy bends, bend pinch/natural harmonics, etc) you can do with the guitar?

They're both basswood bodies with bolt-on necks, so they will probably both have fairly similar tone. You're right, as the pickups on neither are anything special, but those can easily be swapped out with better ones. If you're looking for versatility, I'd avoid EMG's. Not saying they cant do other genres of music, but their specialty is high gain metal. They have a certain distinct tone to them that you will either love or hate too.

Personally, I'd probably go w/that Ibanez. I love Jacksons, but you usually need to spend more money to get a good Jackson than a good Ibanez. Although you could always check your local craigslist to find a perfectly good used guitar for sale, and this is what I'd recommend if you're open to the idea, as you'll get much more for your money.
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