First time player. I'm going to attempt to teach her. She's either going for a Jay Turser 3/4 explorer, or a Epi-100 Les Paul.

Isn't Jay Turser a not-so-good brand?
Would you reccommed anything else? I was thinking she should get an acoustic first, but seems determined to have an electric.
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acoustic first although its easier to play an electric acoustic build up finger strength and when and if she switches to an electric itll be alot easier then the other way around
Jay Turser are decent starter guitars, I had one as my second guitar I ever bought.. It was ugly as hell, bright green glittery body with a red pickguard, but it played nice, and had a fatter tone then what it should've had (it was a strat copy, it sounded like a LP). I took it apart long ago though.