hey guys so i'm planning on having a few shows in my backyard this summer and I don't know a whole lot about speakers and wiring. Pretty much we want to have more speakers than just our guitar amps to have the sound more dispersed. What I would like to do is have all the instruments playing mixed together through some speakers which were gonna buy plus individually through their amps.

Now i'm not sure how to go about this since my knowledge with speakers isn't extensive. What I am understanding is that I will need; speakers, wiring, an amplifier or receiver and maybe a mixer table. To do my idea I would have all the instruments to the mixer, the mixer to the receiver/amplifier and than that to the other speakers.

Would this work? If anyone can help me out with what I want to do or has any alternative ideas please post it up. I really don't know the best way to accomplish this. I pretty much want to get the same set up you get in those bars where you've got a guy on a djembe drum, couple guitars and mics n it's all playing on speakers throughout the bar.

as a heads up i'm new to the forum (used ultimate guitar for a few years) so i don't know if this is the proper location for this thread, but i'm sure i'll be directed if it isn't, thanks a lot for the help or any input!
I've had friends put on backyard shows. Pretty much they just hired the equipment they needed. If you don't already own it you'd want to try hiring it and seeing how it goes. Having not played any live shows, and to the best of my knowledge (gained from a bludgey semester long high school course), you mic amps, which goes to your mix desk, EQ'd there, and then sent out to all your speakers. There might be a way to avoid hiring a mixing desk, i dont know, it might not sound good. My friends who hired asked for donations from the people who came to support the cost of hiring, which was imo quite expensive. They came up short of about half. You should probably go talk to some people who work in stores that will do this kind of thing to be sure.

Good luck!