This is my acoustic project that I'm using just to basically play songs that won't work in my regular band. Right now I'm referring to it as Begins In Bermuda. The recordings may not be the best and the vocals are quieter due to the lack of recording equipment that I own. But, have a listen and let me know what you think.
I think your songs were okay. Great for playing in a country inn, we have musicians play similar stuff in an inn near where I live here in Australia. I think the recording quality really ruined the songs though, but this problem should be fixed when/if you get new equipment.
Any friend of Elliott is a friend of mine.
The recording quality was indeed painful, but I got enough out of it to give some feedback...

1. Your voice reminds me of a fusion between Bob Dylan and Elliott Smith. Not sure if you'll take it as a good or bad thing, but I like it a bit.
2. At the same time, try heading over to the Singing Forum to see if you can't learn a few tricks to singing. No offense meant at all, but your voice is pretty rough.
3. The songwriting is alright. It doesn't have the dazzle factor yet, but I can hear lots of potential. If you keep at it, I can tell you'll become very good at it.

If you could listen to a few of my tracks and give a little feedback, I'd be quite honored.

Yeah thanks a lot, I'm not exactly known for having a great singing voice, but I like that comparison
I gave a few of your myspace tracks a listen, and it reminds me so far of a band that would come out of the recent indie explosion in Britain and the UK. The only thing I can think of for improvement is maybe play with a metronome to help you guys keep in time a little better. Other than that it sounds great, keep it up!