well the other night my bass was working fine and today when I went to play it the 11th fret on the G string just makes a fizzy thud sound. occasionally it will even sound like the 12th fret when I fret the 11th. would slightly raising my action fix this? do I need to take it to a tech? what the hell is going on here?
If the 11th fret is sounding like the 12th fret and is occasionally fretting out, then your 12th fret is probably a bit high. Have a good guitar tech do a fret leveling job. They are not expensive, and can greatly improve the way the instrument plays, as well as curing the high fret.
Get your action adjusted. Shouldn't cost more than about $75

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Quote by JeremyKing
Get your action adjusted. Shouldn't cost more than about $75

Where do you go that getting your action adjusted costs $75? My tech probably would probably do it for free if I payed him for a restringing.

TS, if I were you I would check if the fret is high. If thats the case, you can maintain low action while fixing the problem. Generally speaking, you dont want to raise the action if you dont have to because for most people, low action means better playability
Guitar Center tech guy charges $20 here for an hour of w/e work, so you do teh work, and can ask for something else that's small to do too probably.
Try adding more delay.