It's on my profile. Please don't remind me about my horrible singing.

EDIT: I tweaked things a little. Go here. Also, there is a bassline. If you can't hear it, make sure you're wearing good headphones/have good speakers. The bass is midi, and the patch I used doesn't cut through all that well.
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It's a cool song, the riffing fits good with the voice.
I liked some riffes

It would be even better with a bass and if it was longer. You can add an intro, a solo and a epic final !

during the part at 1:25, the guitar seems to be out of the rhythm sometimes.

Don't worry your singing isn't so bad :p Maybe your voice isn't perfect, but you have a good feeling for the vocal melody. I actualy liked the vocals :p

Would you mind criticizing mine?

well as the title in that youtube says.. its a rough demo... so there is plenty of room to improve... the bass should be not too repetitive... Its making the song boring a bit... the guitar... like the guy above me said.. gone off the rhythm at that point...

vocal.. I dun have any knowledge about vocal techniques... but I dun have any problem with ur vocal... Its a good song... Great if it can be recorded with real people playing the instruments...

Crit mine?
at 1:25 he's just playing triplets, albeit slightly out of time but not too bad. I really recommend doing vocals when you can really belt out. Normal singing will sound better and your growls will have much more power as well. besides that, the vocals werent bad at all. The actual song isnt to bad, just not really my cup of tea. anyways overall decent job.
great riffs, and as its been said the vocals are great especially for one in the morning its a catchy vocal melody. The bass could be a little stronger but everything else is pretty solid.