Hey all!

Yet another new one. [with one more waiting in the wings]

This one is shorter, clocking in at almost exactly 6 minutes [as opposed to the usual 7 and half to 8+]. Definitely much more black metal than the previous ones. There's still a fair bit of Cormorant in this 'un, but for the most part it speaks of Drudkh, Lantlos, and Hyadningar.

I am still working out some of the kinks in transitions, variations, and drums; it certainly isn't perfect yet. But I wanted to see what UG thinks first.

Anyway. Enjoy!

And C4C, as always. The more you write, the more I write back.

EDIT: Fix'd the tempo change between B and E. I think.
To Begin in Flames.zip
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
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Critting as I listen.

Intro is pretty. Ohai, I like the distorted guitars coming in like that. Done well.

BLAST BEATS. Necessary always. <3

Steady double kick after is nice.

Repeating intro rhythm was nice. Ohai melodic. I usually dont like this, but its nice. Crazy kick is a nice touch. Little ride dangles too. Mwah, bellissimo.

Omg, this is so metal. XD Good blast beats again. Forearms are on fire by this point.

Slowed down nicely. The feel is nice. Crazy kick again. Lawl. Wouldn't change it.

Strummy chords are nice. A little generic but good. Still havea nice prog buzz from the rest of the song earlier. Sounds chorus-y. Very well could be, Im not looking at the file play. XD

Choppy chugs out of the chorus are nice. And the part after, nice but getting repetitive. Vocals?

Still going. Do want: vocals.

Ok, fast picking fixed it. I see you like this melody. XD

Very nice. Repeating the right parts at the right time. Only the one section went on for too long.

Wut, no way that was six minutes. That went by quickly. Aka, good song.

8.5/10. Solid piece of work here.

c4c, my bruddah? XD

Awesome intro, I loved the guitar. Same thing for B. Towards the end of the section it feels like a great build up, coming to something epic. Section C rips through like a knife with the Tremolo picking and Blast Beats, Same thing for D.

The return to B feels like a nice break, like finding refuge in a safe haven on a battlefield, infact, I think the word 'Battlefield' is a great way to describe your songs. Riff E is epic. I love the keys, they make the song so much more melodic and contribute to the epic feel of the song.

Coming back to C & D the song is starting to seem a little repetitive but that's not a problem, especially when turning to a riff such as E-1.

F is very melancholic sounding, it seems like a Spoken word part of a song, with whispers or something.

E-2 is an amazing riff so thumbs up. I think the incredibly fast tremolo picking section of E-2 captures the feeling of an adrenaline rush while running through Danger.

F. your wounded and you collapse. You're comrades have left you lying there in the heap. They disappear from view over the hill, and you are left gazing at the sun, your life slowly fading as your blood seeps from your wound and your corpse becomes that of the scenery of the Battlefield.

dervishguitar: Yeah, it definitely needs vocals to help some repetition. And I plan to use some variations here and there that I just haven't gotten around to throwing in yet.

Kämpfer: Thanks man!
Quote by MoogleRancha
It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
I liked the A part, nice work with clean guitar, liked the way eletric guitar came in on B part, especially with the chords and double guitar. Now parts C and D weren't that good, they kinda look the same, and (I don't if it's problems with my RSE) the drums were annoying, mainly because it's im possible to hear the cymbals and the pedal work, and the snare sounds were way too loud. The return of B part was nice, but the arpeggios were brilliant! My favorite part. About that F part, it's supposed to be the chorus or something? 'Cause it's incredibly long, probably vocals will help in that section. Anywas, nice song. 8/10.

Crit mine?
Critting as I listen (sorry it took so long):

A: Very nice atmospheric intro you've got here. I love how the guitar chords and the strings complement each other very nicely.

B: The key change was a good idea. The underlying riff and the drums were both very good. The chords worked well when you transitioned into the harmonized part. The flow went completely uninterrupted.

C/D: I usually don't like these tremolo picked parts in black metal songs, but since you kept the strings going, it maintains the atmosphere even throughout the blastbeats and fast picking. Nice return to part B too.

E: I like this part a lot but the tempo change threw me off a little bit. Maybe slow down the tempo a little so the change isn't so dramatic. Nice drumming part here. It reminds me of Gene Hoglan with all those cymbal rolls you had going on. The transitions back into C and D worked well, so maybe keep the structure the same but change the tempo difference.

E-1: Now on second listen, it flows a bit better even with the current tempo, so I'm not really sure about whether or not you should change things. I guess it should be left up to you :P.

F: This part was probably one of my favorites. I loved how the strings seemed to fade in and out and the harmonies were well written. The transition into E-2 was great too. Part F may have dragged on a little too much, so you should cut it down or add more variation to the part unless it's gonna have vocals over it. Great idea to end the song with part F. That time it didn't drag.

9/10 from me. Great job.
Hey no worries man. Thanks for the crit!

About that key change, I actually had the riff written with the D Minor based chords in the beginning, but I felt like it'd be cool to have the clean as an intro, just lower... Hence, down to A Minor. So I guess it was more the other way around.

And yeah, I love active cymbals. It's so much more interesting than just droning away on one cymbal if done right. Gene Hoglan and all the drummers Opeth have had got me into doing active cymbals. And the drummer of Irrwisch. But E is pretty much the same type of triplet thing as the beginning of Everything Unsaid Before by Drudkh.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
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Definitely my favorite thing from you so far man. Loved the clean guitar intro, good use of 3/4 and triplets. Strings added wonderful atmosphere to it also. Key change and riff at B were excellent. Harmony was nice when it came in. Transfer was a little abrubt into C, maybe try doin a little more of a drum fill there, or build up a little more towards the end of B. There were also a few off key notes in C, but then again, I don't listen to black metal at all really, so what do I know right?

Transfer into 4/4 for riff D was fine. Riff itself was good, but I especially loved the melody from the strings behind it. Transfer back into riff B was suprisingly smooth. I didn't particularly care for the transfer into riff E though, the main culprit being the tempo change. Maybe try upping the tempo when you bring back riff B so the transfer flows a little smoother? That being said, riff E was without a doubt, my favorite part of the song. Nice melancholic chord progression and I loved the piano arpeggios and how the double bass came thundering in at measure 67; great stuff.

Transfer back into C was basically perfect, nothing more to say there.

Nice return to riff E-1. Riff F was also awesome. It had a nice insomnium sort of vibe to it, I could definitely hear Niilo's growls over it haha. I also really liked the suspended chords you used. The riff got a little repetetive, but with vocals, I'm sure it'd be fine Transfer back into E-2 was good, and I liked how you built up with the drumbeat gradually, going from having the snare on 3 to it being on 2 and 4. Double bass was awesome of course also.

I'm not sure I like how you ended the song though. I was in a sort of trance throughout riff E-2, so the change to riff F kind of caught. I kind of would have liked the song to fade out from riff E-2. Maybe have a solo come in and fade out from that? Just a thought.

Awesome song here though. I honestly don't really care for black metal much outside of emperor and mystic forest, but you've written quite a quality song man. Keep at it!
Thanks for the crit man. I think I might leave it on F for the ending though. [See Kaempfer's post for my reasoning. I like the way he described it.]

And also, if this your favorite from me, you may want to check out Carried by the Wind. I dont think this one is nearly as good as Carried [/shameless advertising].

Anyway. Seems to me, everyone is pointing out the tempo change between B and E. So, I tried it at 118 instead of 112, and it seems to work better. 124 was just a bit frantic of a pace for that riff for me though, so I dont think I'll be making it faster than 118.

Thanks for the crits guys!
Quote by MoogleRancha
It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
A - sounds like something I would here in Zelda or something. Very atmospheric.
B - Pretty generic, but oh well. Fits.
C - Weird transition from B. Maybe try accelerating or breaking the riff down? Anyway, decent tremolo riff.
D - Nice continuation.
E - Again, atmospheric. Digging the drums, especially the rides at the end of the bars :p.
F - Kind of boring in my opinion. I think it also goes on for too long.

Anyway, nice job. Its got some problems, but hey, nothings perfect. I would love to hear it recorded.
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