Here are my specs.. I'm going tomorrow to buy the wood. I'll try my best to take pictures, but I'm pretty forgetful so don't hate me if I forget some steps.

And I know everything is terribly unproportioned in that photo.
These kinds of threads don't get much attention, mine didn't either.


Anyways, yours is pretty similar to mine.. I'm just not sure of the thickness of wood, as well as dimensions. I just don't want something small. I want a heap of space in the back aswell.

I'm using 4 inch wheels just to be safe on the weight side. All the parts are ****ing cheap.. Pitty they cost so much from companies.

I'm not using the G mojor..
Ha.. I use it just to have it pretty much.. When I need stuff I'll probably pull out the ol' pedal board..

I'm using the 3/4 inch because it'll be super strong, but sadly, also super heavy.
Yeah., I built some cabs out of 3/4 birch and it's strong as crap.

I just bought rack rails off of ebay for 14 bucks and everything is going to be resting upon one another so I'm not that worried about having a frame.
And I know that kinda seems point less with it being shock.. But I'm not too worried about my rack, I think just a hard mounted rack rails will work just fine.
I'm just putting foam there so it doesn't look stupid and holey.